Imagine a school for all to meet diverse student needs

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The contemporary model of schooling has changed little since the early 1900s. As a result, it does not meet diverse student learning and development needs in the 21st century.

Schools are significant public assets that should support all young people. QUT researchers focus on evidence-based approaches to building an equitable and excellent education system that encourages creative thinking to meet current and future challenges. They are currently engaged in research with various forms of alternative schooling in Brisbane and across Australia to see how their research is changing the current understanding of contemporary schooling.

Your support will enable this important research to be progressed and assist mainstream schools in considering how they can adapt current educational practices to better support all students in a changing world. By enabling an expert review of one alternative schooling model and providing professional development opportunities for educators, QUT researchers will actively contribute to building an improved education system that meets diverse student needs. 

Your gift will help:

  • Fund important research investigating how alternative models of schooling address diverse student needs and provide an education suitable for the 21st century
  • Provide an opportunity for young people to contribute to debates about the purposes of schooling in the 21st century
  • Increase awareness in young people and their parents/carers about alternative models of schooling

The real-world impact of your gift:

Imagine a future where all young people have access to an excellent education that meets their needs regardless of their background (socio-economic status, geographical location, disability, learning difficulties).

Your gift will help develop new schooling models that can reshape education systems in Australia and throughout the world.

  • $5,000 would enable an expert review of one existing alternative schooling model and provide opportunities for the work of teachers and young people in this school to be made visible.
  • $10,000 would allow QUT researchers to expand their review of a recently implemented alternative model of schooling to document the creation of a school from its very beginning.
  • $15,000 would allow us to create a student summit on a ‘future school for all’ involving students from the alternative and mainstream schooling sectors to ensure that young people’s voices are represented in discussions about new forms of schooling.
  • $20,000 would support a large-scale forum with community, government and education sector stakeholders to share evidence from alternative schooling models and to encourage debate about future schooling.

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