Restore the Great Barrier Reef

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Our Great Barrier Reef needs help to survive. Coral bleaching, cyclones, run-off, and crown-of-thorns starfish are all taking their toll on this iconic natural wonder.

QUT researchers are leading the development of disruptive technology, innovative science, and artificial intelligence to help safeguard the reef’s survival including the RangerBot – a state-of-the-art autonomous underwater robot proven to detect and kill crown-of-thorns starfish.

Support the active restoration of the Great Barrier Reef to help secure the future of the largest living structure on Earth and one of the world’s most incredible natural treasures.

Your gift will:

• Further develop technology and processes to restore the Great Barrier Reef to a healthy ecosystem

• Make the autonomous marine vehicles and artificial intelligence readily available to community organisations to aid with reef management and conservation

• Build and deploy more RangerBots to control the crown-of-thorns starfish population

• Enable active monitoring and data collection of the reef for early detection of trends and changes and inform assessment of key threats and future risks.

The real-world impact of your gift:

Imagine being able to restore the Great Barrier Reef, despite years of sustained damage from coral bleaching and predators like the crown-of-thorns starfish.

With your help, we can restore areas of the Great Barrier Reef and speed up its recovery.

If 1,000 donors give $300 each, this will enable the technology to be readily available, providing on the ground conservation activities, while assessing the development of new features based on robot data and learnings.

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