Precision treatment for prostate cancer

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Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australian males. It affects one in seven Australian men in their lifetimes and is the third most common cause of cancer death.

Despite advances in prostate cancer testing and treatment, 3,500 men still die from prostate cancer each year.

QUT researchers are developing targeted therapies that actively seek out cancer proteins and kill the harmful cells. Further research will look at restoring traditional therapy, shrinking tumours, and increasing response.

This novel approach will provide several new drugs to help fight prostate cancer and progress treatment strategies to improve patient outcomes.

Your gift will:

• Fund vital research to identify novel prostate cancer target proteins

• Allow computer modelling and screening to identify small molecules that could be used as anti-prostate cancer drugs

• Help develop rapid analysis for screening molecules against prostate cancer cells

• Test small molecules for their anti-prostate cancer abilities

The real-world impact of your gift:

Imagine a novel approach to prostate cancer that could improve patient outcomes and save one in seven Australian men’s lives.

Your gift will drastically improve precision treatment options, outcomes and quality of life for men diagnosed with prostate cancer helping them be stronger for longer.

• $25 will sequence a cloned human gene

• $50 will test the effect of an anti-cancer drug on the growth of four cancer cell lines

• $100 will keep a cancer cell line growing for one year

• $600 will fund the purchase of an antibody for researching a new cancer protein target

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